Wigs and hair extensions offer many women a chance to switch up their hairstyles without causing damage to the scalp. Wigs have existed much longer than hair extensions have but are not preferred by young women anymore. The multiple varieties of non-damaging hair extensions available in the market today have made wigs comparably less functional. Wigs can be ideally used as a prop, whereas hair extensions offer better utility for daily use. Here are a few more ways to compare wigs and extensions to help you choose the right one.

1. Daily Re-application

If you wear a wig, a significant part of your mornings will be spent on its installation. Removing and re-applying wigs is a time-consuming process that can disrupt your daily schedule. With hair extensions, you don’t have to waste time with the application, as one installation is likely to last you several months.

2. Realistic Look

It can be difficult to make a wig look completely natural as it usually gives away the secret. Hair extensions blend with the layers of your hair and look perfectly natural. No matter how you style your extensions, it is impossible to tell them apart from your real hair.

The unrealistic look of a hair wig

3. Wig Caps

Wigs often come with wig caps for attachment. These caps can be difficult to carry and add an extra layer to your scalp. Prolonged use of these caps can often irritate the skin of your scalp as well. Hair extensions don’t require the use of such caps and give you a lighter feeling.

4. Hair Damage

A wig is more likely to cause damage to your hair than hair extensions. The glue used for the attachment of wigs often slows your hair growth and may induce hair fall at times. Copper Loc hair extension system keeps your hair and its roots safe from any such damage and doesn’t affect hair growth.


5. Secure Application

A loosely-attached wig may slip off, whereas extensions stay intact and secure.
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