Chop, chop. It’s time for a haircut. Long layers or short? Why layers at all? So many questions going through your head—rightfully so: getting your hair cut has an emotional weight to it.

This is your ultimate guide to long layers and why they should be your next hair style.

Layers are versatile.  Some get them to thin out their thick, hard-to-style hair and some do it for the oomph they give your hair. Whatever your reason is, layers are always a safe choice.

Should You Be Getting Long Layers?

Think about it: do you want to add dimension, texture or flair to your hair? If you’ve answered yes, then off you go get yourself some layers!

Why Long Layers And Not Short?

You can definitely choose short layers but there are a few catches:

  • No more ponytails
  • Limited styling options
  • Monthly trims needed
  • They don’t suit everyone

With long layers, you don’t lose your volume at all! They’re also easy to style because you’re left with plenty of length to work with (you get to keep your ponytails and there’s so much room to get creative).

Should You Be Getting Long Layers For Medium Hair?

Medium hair and long layers: a heavenly match. Your hair gets texture and you’ll have loads of length to work with (think of all the ways you can style your hair!). Even though mid-length layers aren’t maintenance free, they’re definitely lower maintenance.

What About Curly Hair?

Having curls makes one skeptical about many hairstyles, so are layers a safe option for you?

Definitely! They add shape to your already voluminous hair, while neatly removing any excess weight that your curls carry. You will end up with curls that are shapelier and have a certain bounce to them.

Fine Hair and Layers

Fine hair needs a touch of volume and some lift. So, if you have fine but thick hair, you can opt for layers. However, layers aren’t for everyone with fine hair. Only go for it if you have straight, fine hair, otherwise short layers are for you.

Now, What About Thick Hair?

Even though you can give some great movement to your thick hair with long layers, you have to be careful. For thicker hair, too many layers can lead to a high amount of volume and you can end up with triangle shaped head.

But, if done right (choose a great stylist), layers can rock your thick hair!

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