There are only a few other things that trumpet femininity and inflate self-confidence like long hair! There’s also a popular idea that long hair is a trait that attracts suitors, and that’s all you need to steal all the thunder!

Need more reasons to go for Russian hair extensions? Let’s dive right in.

Long Hair On Television

It’s no surprise that Sofia Vergara in Modern Family is recognized solely by her flowing tresses. Her hair with the glow of naturally spun silk was hard to miss. Other examples include Natalie Dormer, Jennifer Lawrence, and countless other actresses who have made beauty synonymous with long hair.

It reaffirms the idea that long hair does enjoy a timeless appeal that has and will be beautiful in all times to come. And fiction has also made us believe that long hair elevates your spiritual status, so why not enjoy that?

With modern variations in styles and colors, you can get the hair length you want with natural-looking hair extensions. Let’s look at how long hair makes it possible to stay shoulder-to-shoulder with the newest beauty trends.

The Eros Of Long Hair

You may call it hair fetishism, but there’s sound reasoning for associating long hair with erotic desirability and sexual appeal.

A field experiment evaluated the impact of a woman’s hair length on provoking male bystanders’ responses. Female participants with hair falling below the shoulders, tied in a ponytail, and knotted in a bun were picked for the experiment.

They would drop their things while walking on the street alone, to see if males would come forward to help. Results revealed that men were keener on helping women whose hair reached mid-back. This clearly shows that men are drawn more toward women who have longer hair.

Apply that to an erotic setting, and you’ll see that long hair is a turn on. Your sex life should be as flavorful as you can make it, and long hair offers the perfect opportunity for that.

Be it playing with your strands seductively or letting your partner stroke your silky locks; there’s a lot that can be left to your imagination. It’s safe to say: long hair is a successful trick for breathing romance in a dull love life!

Young Woman Wavy Hair

Broader Range Of Styling Options

Flaunt your long, slender neck and porcelain skin with a high bun, or let your hair down for a more youthful look. For styling long hair, the sky is the limit!

When you have the extra length, you can work around with different curls and waves without fearing the length. You can twist your hair up in fancy buns or braid them for a chic look. The only limitation with styling that you might have to work with is the dress code that the occasion calls for: you can let your natural curls loose if it’s not too formal or come to us for salon styling.

But let’s talk about the elephant in the room first: how do you grow your hair out without damaging the quality? We know there are many challenges in growing your hair long. From thinning to breakage, there’s a lot you’ll lose to gain that. These problems can easily be resolved with our classic hair loc extensions. They boost hair volume and give you hair that looks naturally long!

We offer hair extensions for thinning hair with our non-damaging original hair-loc system. Our stylists are trained in the technique and have specialized in this service to cater to clients in Houston, TX.

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