Thick, long hair with extensions has been one of the most dominant hair trends of 2018. From supermodels to Instagram influencers, sleek waist length hair extensions have been a popular choice among all. This simple hair adjustment has the ability to drastically change your overall look. Hair extensions add length and volume to your existing hair, allowing you to style them in multiple ways.

If you’ve been considering hair extensions for yourself, there isn’t a better time to get them than at the beginning of the year. Here’s why:

New Year, New Hair!

Each New Year we pledge to make some dramatic changes in our lives. Whether it is to follow a strict diet or a gym routine, these lifestyle changes allow us to welcome the upcoming year on a positive note. Starting off the year with new hair gives your self-esteem a significant boost. Through your hair extensions, you can adopt a completely new persona for 2019.

Experiment With Colors

Have you always wanted to try out a bizarre hair color but simply couldn’t take the leap? If yes, you can get yourself some hair extensions this January and experiment away! Hair extensions will allow you to try on unique hair colors without making any permanent commitments. From bold blue to icy blonde, the possibilities are endless.

Be Valentine’s Day Ready

Got a romantic date planned out with your significant other Valentine’s Day? Or are you thinking of heading out with your girlfriend for a fun night at the club this year? Regardless of how you plan to spend your day, hair extensions can help you look perfect for the occasion. Start off Valentine’s Day preps early by consulting a professional hair salon for hair extensions this January.

Style Them Up for Weddings

Want to look perfect for your best friend’s wedding? Trying out elegant wedding up-dos isn’t always an option for people with short hair. Get hair extensions at the beginning of the year to rock unique hair buns and up-dos throughout the wedding season.

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