Are you as concerned about a drying scalp as you are about frizz?

Answering this question will tell you what you prioritize most. Matching up with beauty standards is no easy job. The trends are evolving every day, and what’s hit today may not be so after a week.

Be it couture, skincare, or hair care, it’s hard to challenge your vanity. You need to invest time and effort in caring for your hair as much as you do in styling it.

Haircare is essential to maintain your natural hair’s health and wellness and boost its strength and texture. You can do that by oiling, conditioning, applying hair masks, and using non-damaging hair styling options.


Your scalp needs nourishment to facilitate healthy hair growth. A malnourished scalp will show dryness, itchiness, flaking skin, dandruff, and even fungal problems. This can weaken the pores from which new hair grows.

As the roots lose grip on hair strands, you experience more hair fall. Thinning hair can dull the looks you once had. Even though hair extensions are a viable option for thin hair, nothing can replace natural hair beauty.

Care for your scalp by oiling it regularly. Massage it into your roots with your finger pads to improve blood circulation and hair growth. This will moisturize the scalp and give your lengths a natural glossy shine.

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You need only look up the curly girl hair care method, coined by Lorraine Massey, to know how and why shampoos affect hair quality. Shampoos are often made up of harsh chemical ingredients that compromise hair quality in the long run. Sulfates, silicones, parabens, lead, and alcohols are detrimental to hair health.

Parabens coat your hair with a waxy layer that makes the strand impermeable for natural moisture. No amount of oiling can then enter the hair shaft and nourish brittle hair. Alcohols have a drying effect on hair and leave it looking rough and frizzy.

You need a silicone, sulfate and paraben-free shampoo to wash your hair for mild cleansing and not strip off the natural oils. Also, give gaps between wash days so that your natural hair cycle gets enough time to produce and secrete oils. Washing too often can steal the moisture and make your scalp oilier.


Excessive heat styling can alter the internal protein structure of your hair. These structures are meant to govern how each hair strand is supposed to behave. That means it controls how curly your hair gets, what the curl pattern is like, and so on.

If you’re in the habit of straightening or curling your hair without preparing your hair with heat-protectant sprays, you’re inflicting a lot of damage. That kind of damage can take months, even years, to heal!

Good hair salons in Houston always assess your hair type before prescribing any treatments or styling options. They will take extra care to incorporate hair protection methods and products in the styling process. They’ll also warn you against hair treatments (such as hair weaves and extensions) that cause more breakage and hair loss.

If you’re looking for all those qualities in a salon, we’re happy to offer this and more. Our specialists consult with every client before moving on to salon services. After every service, we advise our clients on how best to care for their hair for maximum protection. This is why we enjoy the trust of most of our clients in Houston.

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