Men are generally advised to get haircuts every two or three weeks, depending on their hairstyle. As for women, to maintain their current length and style, they’re recommended haircuts every four to six weeks to keep split ends at bay.

Since there’s always a timeframe, we’ll help you pick a date for getting a haircut. Here are four factors to study to know if it’s time for chop-chop:

1. Your Hair is Impossible to Tame

Do you fight the battle every morning when you get ready for work or school? If you’re forced to throw your hair in a seemingly ‘messy’ bun day after day, it only suggests that you’re no longer thrilled about wearing your hair down. Going in for a haircut or at least a trim can rightfully give birth to enthusiasm.

2. Styling Has Begun to Take Longer

Do you have to attack your hair with tons of products after the shower to keep it in place, and yet it manages to NOT be manageable for the rest of the day? You might also notice that you need more time detangling your hair and temporarily mending the split ends with some bonding oil. This is the hassle you DON’T need in your life; best to request an appointment today to get a haircut.

3. You Look Far From Neat

When you have curls around your neck, unruly sideburns, and hair covering your ears, it becomes quite a challenge to look neat. Whether your once full, bouncy head of hair has begun lying flat, or your bob has taken a strange bubble shape, it’s time for a haircut.

The split ends emerging at the roots are also a good enough sign that you’ve gone a little too long in between your haircuts. Give your professional hairstylist a call to resort back to your well-groomed look!

4. Your Intended Hair Style Has Faded

Those who have sported a fade know how much work goes into maintaining the hairstyle. Some styles tend to be more demanding of regular haircuts than the rest; if your hairstyle has also been lost or appears to have faded, it’s time for a touch-up.

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