We’re all for women expressing their individuality through their hair. Coloring your hair a fiery red or a practical brown is a great way to embrace your personality and show the world who you really are.

Of course, your hair color choice is going to come with a bag of stereotypes. For example, if you’re a brunette who decides to go blond, people might start thinking of you as more lighthearted and jovial than they would have with your darker hair color.

But then there are some colors that don’t immediately bring about an association. What if you dyed your hair pink or green? Well, what does that say about you? Unconventional hair colors are harder to read but they’re definitely a clue to some of your core personality traits!

Let’s find out what they are!


Red connotes intensity. Physical energy, passion and aggression are key traits highlighted here. People who opt for red hair all over tend to be socially extroverted and have a lot of personality about them. We guess it’s safe to say that these redheads have competitive personalities and won’t stop until they get what they want.


Blue gives off cool and calming vibes. You can expect people with blue hair to be confident and collected. They’re not very emotional but can often come off as cold in temperament. That’s because such people prefer to think before they act. They choose to be more logical and rational than impulsive. The color itself is linked with high levels of trustworthiness so if you’ve got a hue of blue in your hair, you can expect people to open up to you easily about their troubles.


Pink is traditionally associated with femininity but there’s more to it. It’s representative of people who are nurturing, caring and empathic. In tune with their feelings, these people tend to avoid aggression and dislike confrontation. Besides, Kylie Jenner sports pink hair ever-so-often; it’s easy to see why people want to follow her suit since the color looks great on just about everyone!



Green has long been associated with mother earth and its natural resources. Those who pick green as their choice of hair color share a desire for physical and mental healing. They’re in search of balance and purpose in their life. Nature, wildlife and community talk gets them excited!


Purple is commonly associated with royalty and wealth but it’s also a very mysterious color. Linked with intuition, magic and creativity; this color speaks volumes to those fascinated with spirituality and knowledge of the unknown. It also marks a break from the world’s conventional beliefs and seeks to transgress boundaries.

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