Caught in the sunshine, blonde hair looks like a cascade of gold and brunette hair look like a chocolaty dream, but have you ever wondered what the two would look like together?

One of this year’s hottest trends, bronde hair, explores just that!

Not quite brunette and not exactly blonde, this hair color is the hottest color of the season and we’re all raving about it already.

From Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid, this hair trend has been making the rounds in Hollywood. So why don’t you try this exciting new trend too?

What is bronde?

The heavenly combination of warm browns and brilliant blondes brings to you bronde hair. No matter your type or length, this hair color is fit for all seasons and adds a touch of elegance even to your everyday looks.

The flattering color is achieved with brunette base colors and highlights and tips of blonde hair to frame and add definition. The natural, effortlessly breezy look can be achieved by using the popular balayage technique and is bound to leave everyone astounded!

The trick to achieving the perfect bronde is to blend the two colors seamlessly. Instead of chunky highlights placed on strategic strands of your hair, the lighter shades of blonde are subtly melted into your natural base browns.

What makes bronde so great is that it’s so incredibly wearable! The style is low-maintenance, easy-to-wear, and adds an interesting dimension to your hair. The effortless, sun-kissed look is definitely a winner for those of you looking for a chic new hair look.


Still not convinced? Here are all the gorgeous celebrities rocking bronde hair beautifully:

Blake Lively

Most popular as Serena, the blonde socialite, on Gossip Girl, Lively took her hair a few shades darker in recent years before comfortably settling into a stunning bronde. This color is the perfect shade for the super-fun, talented actress!

Jessica Alba

This actress has been rocking bronde hair so as long as we can remember—and for great reason, it perfectly complements her gorgeous olive skin tone!

Her medium length, subtly blended blonde and brunette hair frame her face and give her that beachy look we all love.

Gigi Hadid

This supermodel is no stranger to this iconic hair color trend. A natural blonde, Hadid often switches up her hair by lightening or darkening the shade of her hair. One thing that remains constant, though, is the beautiful bronde hues.

The perfect bronde shade adds a golden glow to the sun-kissed model’s complexion, no wonder it’s her signature look!

Get the look

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