The 70s inspired haircuts are back in style and we just can’t keep calm! We’ve seen hairstyles like the mullet gain popularity because of how well celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna pulled it off.

Amongst all these retro styles, there’s one that has certainly caught everyone’s eye and has to be the wildest yet. Yes, we’re talking about the season’s hottest Gen Z version of a mullet – the wolf cut!

Surprisingly, the wolf cut trend has stormed the internet, with Billie Eilish’s striking icy blonde wolf cut selfies breaking the records!

As the obsession and craze about the wolf cut soars, people are impatient and excited to join this “wolf cut” clan.

But before you join this clan, let’s take a look at what a wolf cut is and how you can style it!

What’s a Wolf Cut?

Given the hype of the wolf cut, we’re sure most of you are familiar with the wolf cut. However, for those that aren’t, here’s what you need to know. A wolf cut is the perfect blend of an 80s mullet and a 70s vintage shag. This wild hair cut has various layers that mix from the top of the hair to the bottom.

The wolf cut perfectly captures the essence of two timeless hairstyles, putting them together for an impeccable Gen Z hairstyle.

Ways to Style a Wolf Cut

Now that you’re familiar with a wolf cut, here are a few ways you can slay your wolf cut!

Rock It with a Sleek Wolf Cut!

 A girl with sleek and straight hair


There’s nothing chicer than a straight, sleek wolf-cut! If curls aren’t your go-to look, the sleek and straightened style is what you need.

All you need to do is flat iron all the layers and turn the ends inwards to give it a sharp look, and Voila! You have your everyday wolf cut hairstyle.

Blunt Bangs Wolf Cut

Curtain bangs with a wolf cut are something we’ve all seen. However, full blunt bangs and a wolf cut can go astonishingly well. The long blunt bangs complement the overall layers and give the perfect textured waves!

Get Bold With a Curly Wolf Cut

Are you looking for a bold and chic way to rock that wolf cut? A curly wolf cut is your call! There’s nothing more than a curly wolf cut that screams bold and makes a loud statement. Those intense curls will transform your curly wolf cut with a stunning appearance.

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