The name “twilighting” conjures up images of rainy Washington, sparkling vampires zooming around the town, and fierce werewolves prowling the woods. Fortunately—sorry, Twilight fans—this has nothing to do with that.

While twilighting may not have much to do with the epic rom-com saga, it’s set to be just as wildly popular!

What is it?

This enchanting hair color trend is predicted to be the biggest hair trend of 2020—and for good reason! The technique uses a mixture of balayage and babylights to create the perfect, effortlessly natural look you’ve always wanted.

If you’ve ever found yourself admiring the casually tousled perfection that is Jennifer Garner’s hair, you’re already familiar with this trend without even knowing it.

Twilights are strategically placed shades of brunette that complement your natural hair color, adding an element of dimension to otherwise flat-looking hair. Some strands of your hair are lightened to be between 2–3 shades lighter than your natural base color.

Taking inspiration from the gorgeous golden hues of the twilight hours, this universally-flattering trend is bound to leave you with beautiful, glossy hair.


Here’s why it’s a great choice for you:

It’s an equally safe and exciting choice

Not all of us want to take the plunge and dye our hair a bright red hue or go platinum blonde—and that’s okay! If you’ve been looking to freshen up your look without straying too far away from your natural color, this is the perfect choice for you.

It’s low maintenance

Whether you’re a college student or a working woman, your busy schedule may get in the way of your hair-care routine. Everyone doesn’t find it easy to maintain their hair dye as it grows and fades; salon appointments can be difficult to fit into a fully-packed schedule.

Twilighting grows out and fades seamlessly without requiring touch-ups every few weeks. Since the base color isn’t lifted and bleached too much, you don’t have to worry about your hair looking brassy as time goes by!

It’s universally flattering

Everyone can’t pull off vibrant, bold hair coloring trends. Luckily, though, twilighting is a look that most people, especially brunettes, can pull off effortlessly.

This largely comes down to technique; the perfect balance of lightening certain strands and seamlessly blending them with your natural hair leaves a timeless, wearable look for everyone. By bringing the lighter shades to frame your face and concentrating them near the mid-length to ends gives a gorgeous, sun-kissed look.

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