When you think of wedding hairstyles for 2019, think royalty. But not in a boring and conservative way; consider it more of an effortlessly chic and modern take on classic trends. Having witnessed several royal weddings within the span of a decade, it’s safe to say that wedding trends are leaning toward a balance of glamour and grace.

If you’re looking for inspiration, keep reading because we’ve got some gorgeous hairstyles lined up for you!

1. Effortless Updos

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has seemingly nailed this style and brought it back into the mainstream from the world of oblivion. A low bun with a middle part and soft strands framing the face is a classic look. If you like a more polished look you can always opt for a chignon and accessorize it with flowers. Gently nestle some roses, tulips or your flowers into the back of the chignon and complete the look with beaded net wear.

2. Soft Romantic Waves

Textured waves never go out of fashion and you’re bound to see this style staple at weddings in 2019. The great thing with wavy hairdos is that there are so many variations of the look; it’s easy to customize it based on your aesthetic preference. From a side part to pulled-back hair, there’s so much you can do! If you’re looking to keep your hair open on your wedding day, an ombre or balayage can give your hair the shine it deserves! Get in touch with us here to book an appointment.

Wedding Hairstyles 2

3. Graceful Ponytails

An updo or chignon may not be the right hairstyle for some ladies and that’s okay but ponytails are everyone’s best friend. A ponytail can keep the hair off your face and add a nice, elongated frame to your veil.

Styling the ponytail is probably the most fun part. You can opt for a polished look with some twists and sparkling clips securing the base or let some tendrils loose so they frame your face for a more flattering photo session. If you’re going for a more elaborate look, you can always get hair extensions to add more volume to your ponytail.

4. Low Buns

Low buns have been worn at weddings for centuries! Pull a center part for a more dramatic, high-fashion look or relax the look by letting some strands loose in the back. Add some bright colored flowers and nestle them atop the bun to complete your summer wedding look!

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