Just got your new HEH extensions installed? Are you excited to rock your new look? #Congratulations on making the right decision!

Now all you need to do is to make sure you maintain them the right way. If this is your first time getting extensions, you probably don’t know what type of hairspray to use.

When it comes to extensions, there are various options available. But not every hairspray is good for your HEH extensions.

Here are a few that can help keep your extensions in pristine condition:

Natural Hairsprays

One of the best things about natural hairsprays is that they’re alcohol-free. So many people are under the misconception that alcohol helps your hair stay in one place.

That’s simply not true. Alcohol is, in fact, bad for your hair and scalp. This is because it has drying effects. It can damage the roots of your hair and irritate your scalp. It can also lead to hair loss.

Some commercial hairsprays have harmful chemicals as well. These chemicals slowly poison the roots of your hair and can lead to permanent damage. Natural hairsprays have a balanced pH level.

Furthermore, since they’re made of natural ingredients, they nourish your scalp. They’re also good for your extensions because you’ll be able to style your hair without any problems.

Instead of dealing with frizzy, dull, and lackluster extensions, you’ll be able to maintain your extensions for years to come.

Organic Hairsprays

Organic Hairsprays Natural and organic are not the same thing. When you’re looking for hairsprays, make sure to look for the label “LVOC.” This stands for Low Volatile Organic Compounds. Chemical hairsprays have the same chemicals as the ones found in aerosol cans.

Organic hairsprays are good for the environment and your hair. Instead of drying your roots and extensions, they provide them with the right nutrients. This results in your extensions and hair looking smooth, shiny, and glossy.


Remember that while some hairstyles do require hairspray, not all of them do. Don’t unnecessarily use hairsprays, even if they’re organic and natural. Extensions don’t grow back like normal hair does, so you’ll need to be extra careful.

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