After a year of experimenting with bleach and roaming around with a ramen-esque mane, we can return to the safe hands of our hairdressers. Say goodbye to your overgrown roots and box dyes that faded in two shampoo washes.

It’s time to embrace this summer’s hottest hair color trends with bold colors and better versions of our experimental messes. People want to show off their best sides after being cooped inside for so long. A lot of artistic expression lays in the way we express ourselves through our hair.

Here are 10 unique colors to try this summer for a fun and loud ‘do:

Face-framing streaks

Depending on whether you fall into the Gen Z or millennial category, you may know this look as either the e-girl streaks or the money-piece highlights. This look made a huge impact this year, with TikTok celebrities making it popular during the quarantine. The relative ease of doing it at home made it even more popular with the youth.  It also doesn’t require coloring most of your hair, so there’s less commitment.

You can go classic blonde with your streaks for a bright contrast shaping your features, or you can go with funky colors. The most popular colors this year were bright lime green and highlighter pink. This looks best with the rest of your hair in a solid, contrasting color.

Two-toned hair

Similar to the e-girl streaks, the two-toned hair made a statement during quarantine. With people getting bored at home, bright colors have been all the rage. This look involves bleaching more than just the money pieces. Divide your hair in a half-up half-down look, with the separate parts being contrasting colors.

Leave half of it a bright icy blonde, with the other half being a deep chocolate brown for a true homage to Narcissa Malfoy from the Harry Potter series. Any other bright shades work perfectly with this as well- deep jewel tones and highlighter shades.

Long blue custom blended hair extensions in Houston


Blood-red sunset

Occasional evening walks have inspired the masses with coloring their hair in shades of red. Reminiscent of a beautiful sunset, the bold colors have taken over the pastels of the past decade.

For those who don’t want to go all-in, they can go for a red gloss over their base color and watch their hair shine fiery red in the sunlight. Warmer-toned brunettes can emphasize the red in their hair with this method. You can also go all the way and go fire-truck red. Make it even trendier by having it weaved in with your base shade for a pop of color.


It’s to move on from millennial pink and go into brighter, stronger shades. Amethyst is a fun color that balances delicacy with strength. It’s bold yet soft at the same time and glows a warm orchid shade. This shade contrasts particularly well with darker complexions. You’ll have to get your hair completely bleached before you can this look since it’s a light shade.

Embrace your grays

Women are starting to embrace the natural look much more now. A lot of people have decided to let their grays grow over the time spent indoors. It’s a long process to let the salt-and-pepper look blend together without chopping off the darker ends.

The end result is rather empowering, with a classy and mature look in the end. Even youths with premature graying can go down this route and let their natural highlights be free. Work closely with your stylist to make a mapped schedule and know exactly what to expect in the timeline. Once the grow-out looks like it’s in a good place, get a semi-permanent gloss to remove any yellowing from the grays.

Reverse balayage

Reverse Balayage is a new trend that’s cropped up with many people looking for low-maintenance color. You never know when you might be separated from your stylist for a year, after all.

Get a root color that’s just one shade lighter than your natural shade, so it blends seamlessly into the highlights when your hair grows out. The contrast is lower, but you’ll still have the pop that comes with highlights.


Girls styling colorful hair with short hair extensions in Houston


Powder blue

Blue is finally taking over pink as the fun color of choice. The reason it’s not as common as pink is because of the amount of effort it takes to get it right. A light, powdery blue can give you the fantasy vibes you want to achieve, but it can bring out the redness in your skin. It can also gain a green tinge if your hair isn’t lightened properly, so be sure to get your stylist to knock out any yellow tones before you put on the dye.

Barbie blonde

A bright, soft blonde is back in style this summer. This platinum halo feels very warm and can look extremely healthy when done right. Make sure to ask your specialist to not let you look washed out before going for your big change.

This shade of blonde may require multiple sessions with lightener, so be sure to use bond-building treatments to avoid hair hazards afterward.

Dusk pink

This blush tone feels like an antique pink. It’s recommended for those who want to play it a little safe and don’t want super loud looks, while still looking playful. It’s a good color for those who are already blond, and don’t want to undergo extra treatments.

Different hues can range from rose to coral, just be sure to ask for a soft and muted finish to avoid that bubblegum brightness.

Rainbow undercut

Undercuts have become trendy again this year, with people going one step further by getting the lower part dyed in rainbow colors. Tie up your hair for a fun surprise underneath with this buzzed splash of color. It truly requires an artistic hand to avoid letting the colors bleed into each other, but the final result is definitely worth it.


Woman with colorful streaks in her hair



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