Dressing for the job is an old rule that still holds fast in this day and age. Your clothes naturally play a big role in how you’re perceived, but your hair matters just as much. Whether your mane is tied up in a neat bun or hanging loose and free can leave different impressions on different interviewers.

Rules for professional hairstyles

Workplace rules regarding appearance have generally become less strict, hence there are fewer fashion restrictions. However, your workplace is still a professional environment so a level of professionalism should be maintained.

People usually equate workplaces with boring hairstyles, but you can maintain individuality without forgoing formality! So, save the crazy styles for the weekend and check out these 10 chic ‘dos.

A-line haircut

Keep things professional with short hair. It’s the best go-to style for those low maintenance ladies who don’t want to put in too much effort into their hair before work. It looks chic and classy at the same time, and the shag just adds to the cuteness factor.

Sprits a bit of texturizing spray and run your fingers through your damp hair so it doesn’t appear flat and dull. A good crop creates a stylish and contemporary look without looking messy.

 A woman with her hair in a long bob


Sleek pixie

A pixie cut’s ultra-short length makes it perfect for the working environment. You can leave the top part a bit longer for a clean swoop to the side and soften the look. You can also slick down the shorter, boyish hair to create a sharp and chic appearance.

Ask your stylist for babylights to amplify the look and give it more dimension even in its sleek form. Simply use some hair pomade to brush down your hair and keep it in place.

The long bob

The lob is essentially a longer version of a regular bob cut. It’s a classic, elegant shape that exudes femininity with its silky finish. This long, angled bob with no layers is easy to maintain and arrange for any sort of event.

The lob can be worn straight or wavy, with the curls giving it a softer edge. Use a smoothing serum to give a mirror-like shine and some light-hold hairspray to maintain the look throughout the day.

A-line bob

This modernized take on a timeless piece is a perfect for professional women. Like the lob, you can wear it straight or with a bit of a wave to incorporate more personality into the look. There’s an invisible layering done in the interior of the cut that allows easy maintenance and grow out, while giving the hair a smooth and finished look.

While this cut is perfect for women with thin hair, it’s not impossible to achieve with thicker, coarse hair either.

A girl with her hair in a casual bun

Classic blunt bob

This short, blunt bob never fails to make a statement in any setting. Paired with blunt, straight across bangs, it looks flawless on thick, straight hair. Perfect for framing your face, this cut can suit almost anyone because of the customizable length.

Low side bun with braids

This low bun incorporates two different braiding techniques combined together—the Dutch braid and fishtail. Using just 4-5 bobby pins, this look can be worn two different ways. The fishtail can hang loose or be wrapped into a bun on the side of the head.

While at first glance it may look like it’s a hairstyle reserved for special events, there’s no reason you can’t play around with your hair a little bit while keeping it out of the way. It’s perfect for long hair without too many layers.

Create a braid using the Dutch technique going down the side of your head and switch to the fishtail after reaching the nape. Use lots of smoothing cream to keep flyaways at bay.

Braided updo

Another fun bun is this gorgeous braided updo. Perfect for women with long hair who don’t want to chop it off for work, this updo will keep you looking stylish and professional at the same time.

Start with a loose French braid at the top of the head until the base of the neck, and twist the remainders into a big, fluffy bun. Let some tendrils hang loose to frame your face and soften the look even further.

An updo using hair extensions in Houston


Twisted updo

Not as elaborate as the braided updo, this bun is all about business. This neat and tidy style has a no-nonsense vibe that’ll make you feel prepared to walk into the corporate world.

Simply brush all your hair back to the nape of your neck and tie it into a ponytail. Twist the hair into a bun and tuck in the ends for a clean finish. Use lots of pins to hold it firmly in place.

French twist

This classic updo works beautifully with solid colored hair. This graceful twist is a timeless look, and you can add some glamor by incorporating side-swept bangs.

Pull all your hair to one side and pin it up at the back, and start brushing it in the opposite side. Twist the hair in the opposite side that you swept it and tuck in the ends for a smooth finish.

Straight balayage

Don’t be afraid to add color to your hair because it might not be work-appropriate. Try a gentle balayage! It’ll allow you to have highlights without worrying about it looking like it’s too much for your work environment.

Work with your hairstylist and choose a shade that complements your undertones and doesn’t make you look washed out.

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