Styling your hair in winter can be a challenging ordeal to say the least. Freezing temperatures can strip moisture from your hair and hair extensions, leading to dryness, static and frizz. During winter, most people resort to winter hats to protect themselves and their hair from harsh weather conditions. However, with winter hats comes the dreaded hat-hair.

While wearing hats certainly keeps you warm and protected from the cold, it can be your hair’s worst enemy. Fortunately, it’s completely possible to keep yourself warm without compromising your hairstyle with a few tips and tricks that we’ve mentioned below.

Always Dry your Hair

Allowing damp hair to dry up underneath your hat can have disastrous consequences, as cuticles of hair are highly malleable when wet and can easily adapt any shape. This’s why hair experts advise to dry your hair completely before putting on a hat in winters. You can choose to air-dry or use a blow-drier if you’re in a rush. Make sure you use a heat protection spray and section out your hair when blow-drying to ensure that your hair is dry completely.

Flip Your Part

Tired of having to deal with flat hair? Flip your part before wearing your hat!

By flipping where you part your hair, you’re essentially creating a barrier between the fabric of your hat and your desired hairstyle. Once you’re in a comfortably warm environment, you can take off your hat and flip your hair back to how you wish to part it.

Combat Static with Dryer Sheets

Static may seem like an inevitable nuisance in winter, but you can combat it easily with the help of some dryer sheets!

Dryer sheets contain positively-charged components which can bond with negative charges to neutralize any surface, including your hair. Gently run the dryer sheet over your hair before putting on your hat and after you take it off to keep those fuzzy strands under control and prevent static from ruining your perfect ‘do.

Use Dry Shampoo

Use Dry Shampoo

Keeping your hair constantly under a snug cap or hat can make them appear flat and volume-less. To add some extra body to your hair in winter, you can keep some dry shampoo with you and apply it to your roots when necessary.

Keeping your hair in top-shape during winter isn’t easy, but with the help of these simple tips and tricks you can minimize your hat-hair struggles in winter. Another way to ensure that your hair and hair extensions stay soft and moisturized throughout the cold is to consult professional hair extension experts, such as Hair Extensions of Houston for top-notch maintenance and styling.

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