Are you bored of your hair? Want to add some length to your short locks? Fluff up the volume? Try a new color?  Or maybe a well-blended, warm-toned, balayage is what you’re after, given the winter chill.

Confused between all these gorgeous hair ideas? Well, the answer to all your problems is hair extensions!

Hair extensions have had a bad reputation in the past; given the untidy, unnatural look, visible bonds, and matted hair they led to. But methods of installing extensions have greatly improved since then.

Enter the Hairlocs system, which facilitates brilliant, luscious, natural-looking extensions that won’t hurt a single inch of your hair—they are actually quite fun to wear!

So if you’re thinking of giving hair extensions a shot, here’s everything you need to know before you make your appointment.

Is There Anyone Who Shouldn’t Get Extensions?

Hair extensions come in many colors and textures to suit every hair type and texture—but there are cases when getting them is not recommended.

These include people who are experiencing extreme hair fall or hair loss. If you’re one of these people, waiting until your hair is stable enough to hold extensions is a good idea.

Thinking of Getting Hair Extensions? Here’s What You Need to Consider

What Method Of Installation To Choose?

There are several different ways to install hair extensions. These include tape extensions, clip-ins, gluing them in place and using keratin or copper tubes to bind them to your hair.

Not all of these are harmless, though. In fact, there have been many reports of people ending up with destroyed hair after certain installation methods. Even keratin extensions that require heat to remove damage hair to a certain extent.

A damage-free option is the Hairlocs system, where copper tubes are placed on your hair and the extensions are pulled through and crimped in place. This method ensures natural-looking extensions that will not harm your hair in anyway.

You’ll Need To Develop A Hair Care Routine To Manage Extensions

Hair extensions are beautiful; they help you achieve all your best looks, but they require commitment.

Since extensions don’t get nourishment directly from the scalp like your natural hair, you’ll need to make sure to keep them well moisturized and conditioned to maintain their health and keep them looking their best.

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