Scrunchies have made it halfway across the world already, where no other hair tie could have made it. The VSCO girl trend might have blown up on Instagram just around last year, making scrunchies popular, but they’ve been around since the 80s and 90s. We can’t complain because they’ve only gotten more stylish lately. Best of all, it’s a girl’s and a guy’s best friend (a reference to Jason Momoa, aka Aquaman, sporting it at the Oscars, 2019!).

The History Of Scrunchies

The scrunchies were crafted by Romy Revson, a famous singer and nightclub performer who tried to create hair ties that weren’t elastic or rubber bands. She created the first scrunchie using fabric and a sewing machine in 1986. It was quite legendary with black and gold stitched together with a blue thread; she named them scrunchies after her dog who stood by during the invention. She got a patent to produce it in 1987 and sold it to another brand, scünci that took the legacy forward by producing it for the masses.

Roughly 14 years later, the scrunchie prototype made it on the International Space Station. The American astronaut, Col. Pamela Melroy—abiding by NASA’s policy for astronauts to keep their long hair in a ponytail to prevent tangling with the equipment—sported one. The rest is history because there came several versions of the scrunchie for power ponytails, messy buns, and more.

Are they better?

The basic rules in our hair book tell us that it’s just better for the hair because it doesn’t get the hair tangled, neither does it pull at the hair upon removal. Typically, a natural fiber braided elastic is sewn in between the fabric causes much less pain and breakage while wearing the hair in a ponytail.

A velvet scrunchie


Scrunchies For All Hair Types

There’s truly a scrunchie for everyone. The velvet scrunchie minimizes creases and the much-dreaded ponytail bump for all hair types. The satin scarves and bonnets prevent frizz by not absorbing any moisture from the hair. Then there’s the silk scrunchie that also prevents frizz and breakage. There’s a lot of variation in size as well, so whether you have thick hair or thin hair, you can comfortably wear one throughout the day.

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