Whether you’re trying extensions for the first time or want a switch of color for your second (or third!) go, we’ve got you covered.

Here at HEH, we offer the safest and most natural-looking extensions system available for your hair. Once you come to us, we’ll guarantee a perfect match in both color and texture.

In the meantime, find out how you can determine the right shade of extensions for your hair at home without feeling clueless and stressed out.

1. Photograph Your Hair Under Natural Lighting

One of the biggest mistakes we make when it comes to doing our makeup or determining our hair color is doing it under artificial lighting. Ladies, this is the ultimate beauty faux pas!

While harsh, unblended contour is bound to come off at the end of the day—albeit after causing a storm of embarrassment—you’re stuck with your unmatched extensions.

The best way to avoid such a beauty blunder is always checking your hair color in natural lighting. Make sure you’re in a room with lots of natural sunlight shining through.

While the room should be well-lit with natural light, make sure your hair isn’t directly being hit by sunrays as that could cause a lightening effect.

Once everything is in order, take a picture of your hair with all camera settings set to normal so there’s no added exposure or contrast that could alter your natural color.

 Match to the Ends

2. Match to the Ends

It might seem tempting (and logical) to pick the next shade of extensions based on the color of your roots. This is another major mistake we make as many of us have darker (or lighter) roots that don’t reflect the bulk of our hair.

While the color of your roots is closest to your natural shade, remember that your micro bead extensions need to be a reflection of the color that is most consistently prominent through the length of your hair.

3. Always Check Your Undertone

Just like foundations have a wide array of shades based on different undertones (Hello, MAC!), hair colors are produced in a similar way.

Use a guide to finding your undertone so you have a good understanding of the right shade and undertone for your hair.


Still struggling to figure things out? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. It can be extra challenging to determine your hair color if you have highlights, streaks, multi-tonal hair or a balayage.

Come to us at HEH and let Brenda determine your hair color and match it to the perfect set of premium Russian hair extensions—or custom, if necessary.