Every time you refresh your Instagram feed, a new, super-glam picture of Kim Kardashian probably pops up. What’s hard to miss about the reality-star-turned-makeup-mogul is her luscious, flowing hair.

Kim has always claimed that Cher has always been her fashion icon and, honestly, we totally understand why. The talented songstress has popularized the sleek, super-long hair trend for decades now—we can’t help but want to get in on the iconic action!

Take a look at some of the hottest long hair styles you need to try:

Sleek and slicked back

This timeless hairstyle was popularized by the Kardashian-Jenner clan as are many of the fashion and style statements of today—and for good reason! This sleek, almost wet look is super chic and incredibly sexy!

If you’re looking for a runway-ready hairstyle for an upcoming occasion, this hairdo is a stylish change from the usual beachy waves or air-dried long hairstyles you opt for. We get how difficult it can be to keep your long hair tucked away from your face, but this hairstyle is great at keeping all those pesky flyaways out of the way.

Braided up

Everything Beyoncé does is flawless, we agree! The talented singer put a fresh twist to the classic braid with a high ponytail and it was perfection. There are countless braid styles for you to choose from, so go as intricate and elaborate as your heart desires.

Luckily for you, the longer your hair, the grander your hairstyle. From fishtail and Dutch braids to French braids and waterfall twists, there’s so much you can do to switch up your hairdo!

Super-Long Hair Styles

Super-high ponytail

There’s only on celebrity we think of when someone utters the words “ponytail”.

If you guessed the Queen of Pop, Ariana Grande, you were correct. While the songstress may have popularized this sleek hairstyle, she’s not the only one rocking a sky-high ponytail. The likes of Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, and Shay Mitchell have also sported this chic hairdo at all occasions—from running errands to red carpets!

The flowing, fluffy ponytail is flattering for super-long hair and shows off your beautiful hair for everyone to swoon over.

Make your long hair dreams come true!

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