Beautiful hair can make an amazing impact on your self-esteem and give you the confidence to carry yourself any way you like. Thick and long hair can be styled in almost every hairdo and complement your facial features at the same time. This is why women with thinning hair feel restrictive in their hairstyling options and lose the confidence to experiment with their hair. The hair restoration treatment offered by Hair Extensions of Houston can help these women regain their lost self-love and look their best in every outfit. Here are a few reasons you should try out this treatment for yourself.

1. The Non-Invasive Nature

Unlike any other treatment method, this hair restoration treatment only uses lasers to recover hair growth. It doesn’t involve the use of any needles or equipment used in a hair transplant surgery.

2. Eliminates Risks

Hair transplant surgeries and other permanent solutions can offer varying results for different people. There are no risks involved in our hair restoration therapy, which makes it a safer option for solving many hair problems at once.

3. Acts at the Root

Hair restoration therapy resolves your hair problems from the root (literally!). It strengthens your hair from the inside out and makes it naturally healthy as well.

 A beautiful model

4. Customized Treatment

Before the treatment, our hair care experts analyze the unique needs of your hair and scalp. This helps us adapt the treatment to your individual needs.

5. High Success Rate

Most of the women who received this treatment experienced 35% hair growth. This new hair will provide excess volume and give you the freedom to choose from many more hairstyles.

6. Advanced Technology

You don’t have to risk your hair’s natural beauty to receive this treatment. Because Hair Extensions of Houston uses FDA-compliant lasers that are safe and effective on various hair types.

7. The Accuracy of the iGrow System

The iGrow System used in this treatment does not require manual operation, so the risk of errors and inaccuracies is completely eliminated.

If you are looking for hair salon in Houston TX in order to resolve your hair thinning problem permanently, reach out to Hair Extensions of Houston and sign up for our technologically advanced hair restoration treatment. This treatment will do wonders for your hair’s texture and your self-esteem at the same time.