Bathing suits, tans and chilled drinks aside, summer is also the season of parched, dull and frizzy hair. Depending on your hair type, it can either be super greasy or incredibly dry in the heat of the summer.

Whether you’ve decided to dye your hair a lighter color, dive into the pool every day or head to the beach every weekend, increased exposure to heat and chemicals in the summer can cause serious damage to your hair.

If you have summer hair struggles like many of us do, switch up your hair care routine to adapt to the heat.

Here’s everything you need to know to keep your hair healthy and hydrated this summer:

1. Sweaty, Greasy Roots

Problem: It’s natural to sweat more than usual in the heat of the summer. Sweating in the head leads to greasy roots which in turn may force you to wash your hair more often than usual; over-washing your hair strips it of its natural oils, leaving it dry and dull.

Solution: To fight off the grease, keep a small bottle of dry shampoo in your bag. If you feel like your roots are getting oily, pop out the dry shampoo and spray the area. It will soak up the natural oils and dry out the grease before it can spread onto the rest of the hair.

2. Lightened, Sun-Bleached Hair

Problem: In the months where the sun’s UV rays are at its strongest, it’s crucial to protect your hair from heat damage; the same way you do your skin.

Everyone knows the importance of using sunscreen in the summer to prevent sun damage on your skin but we tend to ignore our hair. Just like our skin, overexposure to the sun damages our hair, making it dry and brittle.

Solution: Using an SPF shampoo and conditioner will give your hair the protection it needs during the hot summer months. You’ll also need to put away your hot irons and other styling products that make your hair dry.

1. Untamed Frizz

Problem: Possibly the worst hair problem in the summer, is dry and rough, frizzy hair. This is especially true for people with curly hair. In areas with high humidity the frizz can be unmanageable unless you’ve figured out a way to treat it.

Solution: Using oil-based shampoos and conditioners, serums and hair oil can do wonders for frizzy hair. Rubbing drops of hair oil and serum into your hair after a shower will help, however it will be a lot more effective when you’re using oil-based shampoos.

If you have really dry and frizzy hair, it helps to keep a tiny bottle of hair oil in your purse for whenever you feel the hair is rising.

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