Let’s break the ice by giving you a ride into the world of hair extensions and debunking some common myths and misconceptions you may have heard that are keeping you from buying your set of custom-blended hair extensions:

Myth 1: Hair extensions cause hair damage and thinning

Permanent hair extensions that use glue, heat, or clamps for installation may cause some damage. Still, removable hair extensions (such as tape-ins, microbeads, or clip-ins) are the safest form of hair extensions that can be worn daily to enhance the thickness and length of your hair. When cared for, worn, and removed correctly, these hair extensions don’t hinder your natural hair’s performance.

Myth 2: Hair extensions don’t blend

The right type of hair extensions as per your hair type will blend in seamlessly with your hair, given that you know how to clip and style them properly.

Myth 3: Hair extension tracks are visible

No doubt this is an embarrassing one because never have we ever come across anyone who would want to advertise to the world that they are wearing hair extensions. But with just a little practice of clipping in and laying those custom blended hair extensions, there isn’t a chance that they’ll show even when moving the head around all day!

Fuller volume achieved using hair extensions


Myth 4: The weight of hair extensions weighs you down for additional headache

Now, this is a given, physically clipping on additional hair to your head will feel heavier and may even cause some discomfort at first. But you wouldn’t feel a thing after the first few wears. If you happen to have an overly sensitive scalp, we suggest wearing each hair extension weft an inch away from the roots.

Myth 5: Hair extensions tangle and require high maintenance

You can take care of your hair extensions as you would with your natural hair. The best part is that they aren’t attached to the scalp, so they don’t get as oily; you only need to wash them once every 15–20 wears. Minimal tangling occurs in Remy human hair. If you need some adjustments made, you can head to Hair Extensions of Houston for installation, maintenance, coloring, and styling of your home extensions.

Myth 6: Hair extensions are only meant to be worn on special occasions

Heck to the no! Hair extensions are made for you to look and feel your very best every day. One of the main reasons ladies in Houston, TX, prefer Hair Extensions of Houston is because they have easy micro bead extensions to plugin that are comfortable on the go and non-damaging even when you take them off.

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