The shade ‘vanilla almond butter’ already has millions of likes on TikTok and other social media platforms, making it the hair color for summer 2022. While it sounds like something you’d order at your local coffeehouse, it’s the ultimate hair color for striking a balance between multidimensional tones.

It’s best described as a cool, icy blonde yet warm shade that’s unparalleled for summers and seasons beyond. Here’s everything you need to know about the uber-chic hair color:

Who Did It First

Chrissy Rasmussen, a TikToker and hair colorist, was first to coin the shade ‘vanilla almond butter’ in a video that quickly attracted millions of viewers to her channel. The hair starts with dark, nutty tones at the roots but quickly intertwines with a mix of neutral, icy, and golden highlights from the mid-length and onwards. However, towards the ends of the hair, you’ll see more lighter and softer shades.

What the Craze of the Moment Led To

Viewers were quick to flood Chrissy’s hair video with millions of likes since it was suitable for all occasions. The ability to alter the balance between depth and lightness of the ‘vanilla almond butter’ hair color is what makes it perfect for just about anyone.

Vanilla almond butter’s popularity gained momentum as more headlines emerged claiming it’s an easy-to-wear hair color for both spring and summer of 2022. Some went as far as saying that they wouldn’t mind flaunting the hair color for the winters of 2022, either.

How to Ace the Vanilla Almond Butter Hair Color

The shade is relatively easier to achieve for those who’re already blonde since the lightness already exists in the canvas (read: head full of hair). The only thing to add to the mix would be a root stretch for creating depth and tone for the mid-lengths. As for brunettes or other darker bases, the colorist may suggest a handful of lightning sessions before the main event.

Hearing that the hair trend is also low maintenance is widely perceived as music to the ears of those who frequently switch shades through the seasons. You’ll need a salon session every three to six months to freshen up your color.

The vanilla almond butter hair color has deeper roots and softer ends

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