If the purple shampoo is for the blondes, we’d like to say the green shampoo is a little something for the brunettes. Thanks to Instagram and TikTok, the idea of adding a color depositing shampoo to the hair care regime has gone viral. And boy, are we glad the gap has been identified in the availability of products for darker hair care.

What Is A Green Shampoo?

It’s vital to use a shampoo that goes beyond the cleansing function to serve your hair type and color to make your hair look lustrous. Green shampoo refers to the color and neutralizing capabilities of the product — the purpose is to cancel out any unwanted red tones in dark brown hair. It could also be thought of as a color corrector, but for the hair, of course.

Why Use A Green Shampoo?

According to the color chart, the colors found adjacent to one another work complementarily. Hence, green shampoo can neutralize red undertones that are caused due to heat styling, harsh sun rays, or exposure to hard water. Alternatively, your hair could also lighten naturally to reveal the underlying pigment. This Holy Grail product can be used consistently.

Throw in the green hair mask once a week, and you’ll be back to your natural brunette tones of hair in no time.

A green shampoo accompanied by an oil


Who Is The Green Shampoo Best Suited For?

When you refer to brunette, you’re referring to a wide selection of shades from light, blue undertones to dark, warm tones. To pick out the right green shampoo, you must be aware of your tone of brown hair, but generally, red undertones are likely to exist in the medium to the deep end of the spectrum only. As for the lighter brown hair, we suggest using blue shampoo instead as it can help counter the orange tones better.

Tips for Using the Green Shampoo

You must know how to correctly use the green shampoo to make the most of your color toning companion. Firstly, avoid getting any product on your face and always wear gloves — mainly because we don’t want you to end up looking like Shrek!

Secondly, ensure you use the shampoo at least twice a week to reveal a neutral brown instead of a warm one. Lastly, if we haven’t made it a point already, don’t use green shampoo on light brown hair or blonde hair since it will turn your hair green — the green shampoo and the green conditioner and masks have been formulated for dark brown hair only.

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