Hair extensions offer an easy fix for women looking to change their hairstyle and length. When installed by a professional, they can be much easier to manage and style in many different ways. For women with short hair, certain hairdos can be impossible to pull off, and hair extensions can offer the perfect solution for them as well. However, taking proper care of your extensions post-installation is important to make them last. Here are a few dos and don’ts to follow after your next hair extensions installation.

1. Don’t Apply Hair Products to Bonding Site

Using oily hair products at the site of hair extension bonding can weaken the links and cost you heavily in regular reinstallations. Avoid using any product in access to the root of the extensions and help them stay attached as long as possible.

2. Do Give Yourself Some Extra Time to Style

Having hair extensions means having more hair to wash, brush, dry, and style each morning. This means you’ll need to allocate a bit more time for prepping your hairdos. With proper care, hair extensions can last for years but may not last more than a few months otherwise.

Brushing hair with fingers

3. Don’t Wash it Too Much

The main source of oil and debris in your natural hair is your scalp. But in the case of hair extensions, debris only builds after numerous uses. Make sure only to wash your extensions when there’s an absolute need.

4. Don’t Over-Heat

High-quality hair extensions are made with real human hair and can be just as sensitive to heating tools as the rest of your hair. It can undergo wear and tear exactly like your natural hair, so don’t treat it differently. Limit the use of straighteners, blow dries, and curling iron on hair extensions so they can match the shine and beauty of your natural hair.

5. Do Use the Right Brush

Brushing your hair extensions with the custom-made HEH brush can help them avoid breakage and damage. Keeping hair extensions detangled can make them more manageable and look their best.

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