We know, we know, you’ve turned to our page as your last hope at understanding the foreign language your hairstylist seems to speak: Ombre, Balayage, Foilayage… Translation, please! Well, don’t you worry, child, here’s everything you need to know about sporting an ombre or a balayage.


What is an ombre?

Ombre is a French word that translates into shade or shadow. Ombre is referred to as a bold, two-toned hair color in the hair color world, which is often darker at the top and lighter on the bottom. But the style itself is customizable and quite versatile. It’s most suited for people with medium to long hair lengths.

Ombre hair colors tend to be easy on the budget, considering that you don’t need touch-ups as often since the top section is close to your natural hair color. Still, the overall look of the ombre hairstyle may change once the hair begins to grow out. This is one reason we recommend that your hair is healthy to begin with; otherwise, the color may start to look dull or fade out quicker.

Ombre or sombre?

A more subtle version of ombre that you may resort to is sombre, where the contrast between the two tones is deliberately kept softer.


A woman with balayage hair



What is a balayage?

Balayage, too, is a French word that means sweeping. In the hair world, balayage is  a technique, through which hair colorists can hand-paint or swipe highlights along the surface of the hair. The application begins away from the roots but gradually becomes heavier while traveling downward. Since the hair lightener remains heavily concentrated on the surface level, the underside remains darker — this is what gives a balayage the dimensional effect.

Ideally, a balayage must reflect a sun-kissed effect. This technique, like ombre, is highly cost-effective since it doesn’t require frequent touch-ups. Best of all, balayage can be performed on any hair color.

What are the different types of balayage?

Depending on the artistry of the hairstylist, each balayage may have many variations and color compositions. But if your hair is darker, it may be best suited for you to opt for foilayage, which provides more heat to the hair wrapped up in a foil to amplify the lightening process. It’s a wonderful choice to bring your hairstyle to life and give you a complexion-boosting glow.

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