Disclaimer: If you wear hair extensions, it’s best to consult a stylist at Hair Extensions of Houston before signing up for any hair treatments or using any hair care products.

Leave-in conditioner, also referred to as the leave-on or no-rinse conditioner, was first advertised as an additional course of action after washing and conditioning your hair in the shower. But little did we know it was here to stay.

Note: Before you work with a conditioner over your hair extensions, read Brenda’s prescribed method. A conditioner should only be used on the ends of the hair shaft, else it may slip the hair extensions out.

This product is used post showering as it offers the following properties:

1. Moisturizes Hair

Recently dried hair lacks hydration and moisture, which can lead to breakage and split ends. Using a leave-in conditioner, you can lock in moisture for hours. Spray a generous amount on towel-dried or damp hair, focusing mainly on the shafts and hair ends. After application, brush your hair to disperse the product evenly. Leave-in conditioners also offer a certain degree of detangling properties.

Leave-in conditioner sprays work well for fine hair since the product doesn’t weigh the hair down. Instead, it leaves them feeling healthy, soft, nourished, and silky!

2. Controls Frizz

Dryness and humidity can lead to frizziness in the hair.A leave-in conditioner combats frizz by adding moisture back into the hair and smoothing out the flyaways. If you have coiled or curly hair and prefer not to brush through your hair, you could use a cream formula of the leave-in conditioner to scrunch those ends!This is because curly hair is more porous; i.e., it’s susceptible to losing more moisture throughout the day.

Alternatively, a leave-in conditioner also coats the hair strands evenly to protect them from damage from ultraviolet rays and other harsh environmental factors.

3. Repairs Damage

Leave-in conditioners can also reverse the damage caused by heat styling, chemical treatments, artificial dyes, and tight hairstyles. Use a protective dose to repair your hair as you go! You can choose a color-safe and sulfate-free leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair to preserve your color for longer.

The ideal time for applying the leave-in conditioner is on wet hair, right before bed, so your hair strands can absorb the product at their own pace. If not, you can also spray on the product before blow-drying or using any other heated tools.

All leave-in conditioners are manufactured differently, so it’s recommended to give the ingredient list a good read before application.

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