So, it’s Monday; you woke up late again and you’re so not ready for another five days of hard work, countless coffees, and little to no social life (unless you actually enjoy your job that is, in which case, kudos to you!)

Crawling slowly through your morning routine, because Monday mornings are supposed to be lazy, you’re now sitting in front of your mirror, pouting at your reflection with less than three minutes to get out of the house.

If, at this point, you’re wondering if there’s a hairstyle that could make you look charming, is fun enough to make you look like you’re having a good day, formal enough to suit your work attire, and can be put together in less than two minutes, we got your back!

Let’s take a quick look and these two gorgeous, yet quick and super easy hairstyles for those lazy Monday mornings where you just don’t feel like doing much.

Classic Messy Top-Knot

This messy top-knot is our favorite for work-mornings where you don’t have much time, or energy or honestly, motivation to pull yourself into a glamazon. It’s fun, simple and super easy to create.

All you need to do is pull your hair up on the top of your head, make a bun, hold it together with a few bobby pins or a scrunchie and tug your hair out until you have the perfect ‘messy-not-messy’ knot.

If you have bangs or short hair in the front, pull them out and set it all in place with a hair spray or pomade.

Since this is a hairstyle that shows off your neckline and leaves the jaw and ear area exposed, go ahead and pair the style up with fun earrings and a minimalist necklace.

The Messy Long-Bob

Lazy Monday Morning2

This one doesn’t even require styling. If you have a long bob, all you need to do is use a hair mousse or spray to fluff your hair up to give it a voluminous, messy look, and you’re good to go. If you’ve got a couple of extra minutes, take huge chunks of your hair and curl them roughly using a curling iron and comb them out for some extra oomph and a more defined look.

Pair the look with a classy sweater and slim jeans. Since the hairdo frames your face, a better option for balancing jewelry would be a cute little ring in your finger, instead of earrings.

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