Bangs never go out of style.

The fashionable haircut is bound to make you stand out and is always around, from runways to the streets.

There’s good reason why bangs are so popular. They’re stylish, they can dramatically change your entire look, and they frame your face in the most flattering way possible. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to bangs. Taking the big plunge takes some deliberation. After all, getting the wrong kind of bangs can ruin your look and leave you struggling for months to grow it out.

So, how do you choose the best bangs for your face?

Determining your face shape

The first step to picking the best bangs for your face is to determine what shape your face is. You can do this by examining yourself in the mirror and focusing on your hairline, jawline and the length of your face.

There are several face shapes, the most common of which are: round, oval, square, and heart. You can determine which shape your face bears the closest resemblance to by observing its length and comparative width of your hairline and jawline.

Find the right bangs

Now that you’ve figured out the shape of your face, you can find the bangs that will best flatter your face.

Round face

People with round faces have soft features and softer edges. While you may be daunted by the thought of getting bangs, you’d be surprised by how much dimension they can add to your face. Instead of opting for the basic blunt bangs, go for side-swept bangs instead. Cut at a strong angle, these bangs will make your features look more angular instead of rounded.

Square face

Square face

Bangs can create illusions that can alter the shape of your face. Square faces are characterized by sharp features, widening at the cheeks. To counter the angular cheekbones and jawline, soft and wispy bangs are a great option.

Feathery bangs that are styled straight can provide length to your face instead of widening your jawline further.

Oval face

If you’ve got an oval face, you’re in luck! You’ve got a versatile face shape, every style of bangs look good on you. Since oval faces have similar soft features as a round face, just with a bit more elongation, thin, wispy bangs can take attention away from your chin and draw it upwards.

Diamond face

Diamond face

If you have this face shape, you’ll notice your forehead is wider than your jaw, and your chin comes to a point. The ideal bangs for you would draw attention away from the width of your forehead—which means thick; blunt bangs are a big no—and make your eyes the focus.

Opting for feathered, layered bangs will give your face some dimension. You can keep your bangs long, grazing your eyebrows, and keep them wispy to give it a chic look.

Now that you’ve figured out which bangs would suit you best, let the experts help you get the ideal bangs. Our professionals at Hair Extensions of Houston can guide you through every step of the way, ensuring you get a haircut that you’ll fall in love with!

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