Most of us have heard certain hair myths that have no logical rationale. But we keep believing in them in case they might be true. Some of these myths may seem harmless but can be very damaging for our natural hair as well as hair extensions. You should question these misconceptions and discuss them with hair styling experts for clarity. Here are a few of the commonly believed hair myths and their reality.

1. “Covering Your Head Thins Your Hair”

Wearing a cap or a hat has two different and opposing long-term and short-term effects on your hair’s health. In the short run, it can make your hair flat. Women with thin hair need to keep their hair fluffed up to create more volume. And that is why they avoid covering their head. But the long-term effects of not wearing a head covering are actually much more serious. If you go out in the sun with uncovered hair regularly, it can damage your hair as well as your scalp. Weak hair can get even thinner due to prolonged sunlight exposure and may fall more. Keep your head protected from a cap in the winters and summers when going outdoors and avoid all of these hair problems.

2. “Styling Tools Damage Your Hair”

Many people believe that heat tools directly impact the nature and texture of their hair. But these gadgets only damage your hair if used without heat-protective oil. By limiting your use of such tools and following necessary precautions, you can use them without worrying.

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3. “Getting a Haircut Helps with Hair Growth”

Most hair extension services professionals recommend that clients get regular haircuts to avoid damaged tips and split ends. And it has no connection with hair growth. You can grow your hair to any length you want as long as you take care of its needs.

4. Aging Women Can’t Grow Out Long Hair”

There is no truth to this belief, and good hair care techniques can help women keep long hair at any age.
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