Get out of the way millennials, it’s time for the Gen Z stars to take over—and if anyone can take the mantle, it’s Billie Eilish! After all, not everyone can win FIVE Grammy’s within just a few years of their debut.

The renowned singer has quickly become the style icon of this generation. From the creepy-cool vibe of her music videos and her eerie yet sweet voice to her energetic performances, everything about Billie Eilish screams mystery and attitude. With her unique sense of style where baggy shirts play a prominent role, the teenager has quickly risen to the top.

But apart from her fluid vocals and her impeccable ability to blend music genres, there’s one aspect of her personality that shines brighter than the rest, and that’s her ability to take bold risks when it comes to her hair. From drowning her roots in neon green hair to giving herself deep blue highlights, the star has left everyone gawking in her wake.

Let’s take a look at the vibrant hair journey of the rising star and some hair inspo you can derive from her.

The white-blonde, ice queen look

Billi Eilish started her career off with a bang and we wouldn’t be wrong to say the same for her hair. When she released her song Ocean Eyes, no one could take their eyes off the singer’s ultimate platinum blonde hair, which was in stark contrast with her dirty blonde hair back when she was 14.

She dabbled in a few plain blonde iterations of the same color by mixing it up with a few lavender hairstyles and other dark and edgy tones to pair with her baggy sweatshirt styles—emulating the androgynous look of this decade.

Billie Eilish

Steel gray hair to keep up with the attitude

Nothing screams ’I’m cooler than you’ than steel gray hair. Rocking this hairstyle takes immense courage, and of course, who could’ve been better for the job than Billie Eilish?

As her social media following grew steadily, so did her confidence and we imagine that’s when the idea of going for steel gray hair hit her. The cool streaks of gray hair framing her face made her blue eyes pop even more, and made our hearts throb even harder.

Billie Eilish

Testing the waters with vibrant blues and greens

In 2018, Cupid shot its arrow straight into our hearts when Eilish uploaded a picture on her Instagram in pale blue locks, tucked away in a messy bun, as she rocked a red checkered shirt. All of her fans became obsessed, and so did we when she styled her blue tones hair in space buns—straight out of Barbie Fairytopia!

She reverted to plain black hair for a bit but it wasn’t long before we saw her rocking bright green roots at the Grammy’s. Not only did it remind us of Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls but it also showed to us just how great vibrant green hair could look—we just have one word for it all: goals!


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