‘Blondes have more fun’ may be something you heard back in 2012. The newest order of the day is definitely ‘strawberry blondes have more fun’ and it’s here to stay.

Somewhere along the way, we stopped obsessing over Betty and Veronica and shifted all our attention to Cheryl’s fiery copper locks with a warm honey blonde blend. And she’s not the only one—Hollywood is crowded with strawberry blonde babes from Bella Thorne, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams and Kate Bosworth to iconic goddesses like Nicole Kidman and Sienna Miller.

It’s important to do this stunning color justice by styling it right, which is something that many of us tend to get wrong. Read on to learn how you can take your fresh locks from blah to bombshell by trying three of our favorite looks this season:

1. Accessorize Away!


There’s nothing we love more than a great accessory paired with a set of strawberry blonde locks in winter.

Whether you pair your look with a classic beret or a cozy beanie, you really can’t go wrong with a winter hat that screams holiday magic and style. Pick vibrant colors that flatter your hair like bold purple, cobalt blue or emerald green.

Classics like white and black will also look stunning with the copper hues in your hair but try to avoid orange-red as it could be too visually overwhelming.

2. Bold Bangs, Baby!

bold bangs

We’re a big fan of bangs done right.

It’s easy to mess this look up by cutting the wrong length or thickness and ending up with thick, choppy bangs that look like your ex’s overgrown stache (yikes). This usually happens when we decide to take things into our own hands instead of consulting professionals.

For the perfect set of bangs, visit a certified Hair Salon in Spring TX that takes customers’ hair texture and porosity into consideration before deciding which style of bangs would suit them best. This will ensure a customized cut that will flatter your face instead of overwhelming it.

It’s also essential to understand self-care and maintenance for bangs so you can keep your look fresh and flirty all season.

3. Sleek Center Part

Sleek Center Part

A pin-straight center part that screams edgy boldness and sexy is undeniably the hottest way to style strawberry blonde hair.

If you’ve been as obsessed with Euphoria as we are, you’ve probably been dying to recreate some of the iconic hair and makeup looks from this season. Show off your strawberry blonde locks by replicating Jules’ sleek center part and bejeweled eye look.

Don’t forget to use a nourishing serum that provides thermal protection before you straighten your hair to ensure damage-free shiny locks.

If you want your strawberry blonde locks to have extra oomph this season, get in touch with us and we’ll transform your hair by installing a gorgeous pair of premium-quality matching extensions. Check out our Instagram page for more transformations!