Are you mulling over the idea of going chemical-free? Do you want to lock those shampoo and conditioner bottles up forever?

What is Castile Soap?

Castile Soap is made out of natural ingredients, namely: olive oil, water, and lye. Yes, that’s it. What sets it apart is that it’s organic, biodegradable, and chemical-free. It’s strong enough to cleanse your scalp of excess sebum, dirt, or hair products but also gentle enough not to cause dryness.

Benefits of switching to Castile Soap

1 – It’s gentle on your skin

Because it’s chemical-free and has very few ingredients, Castile Soap is an excellent alternative for anyone wanting to go shampoo-free. It cleanses gently and is ideal for those with sensitive scalp or scalp issues (dandruff, eczema, scalp acne, and dermatitis).

2 – It’s hydrating

Castile Soaps always have an oil base. Originally olive oil was used to make castile soap, but now they’re also made using coconut, neem, and hemp. Since it is also silicon and sulfate-free, it helps make your scalp healthy (and you know how a healthier scalp leads to stronger hair).

What’s the catch?

soapCastile Soap requires certain considerations.

1 – Don’t, ever, directly use on your skin or hair: it’s way too potent. Use an empty shampoo bottle and pour one teaspoon of castile soap in it along with filtered water. In this case, little is always more.

2 – Don’t use it if you have dyed your hair; it’ll strip off the color from your hair.

3 – Don’t try to balance it out with apple cider vinegar or lemon Juice. ACV and lemon juice are acidic, while Castile Soap is alkaline: they neutralize each other.

How to use Castile Soap for hair

Remember, little goes a long way when it comes to Castile Soap as it’s very concentrated. What you want to do is dilute it first by mixing it up with water. Experiment a little to find out what ratio of Castile Soap and water works best for your hair.

While applying it, leave the ends of your hair alone. Focus on roots and the scalp and as you move downward, slowly detangle your hair using your fingers. That is, don’t just lather your hair with it.

After you have washed it out of your hair, always use a hydrating conditioner.


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