Your wedding day is almost here. You’ve been planning it since the day he popped the question—almost a year, but it feels like it was yesterday.

You’ve picked out the dress, decided the menu and venue, and the guest list is also ready. You’ve also decided on entertainment and activities. You’re excited, but also a little nervous. Who wouldn’t be?

But one thing’s bugging you—how do you maintain your hair extensions during harsh weather? You got them installed during the summer, and it wasn’t a problem then.

You’re worried about knots and frizz. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Use these tips to ensure your special day is nothing less than amazing:

Don’t Use Heat

Don’t Use Heat

When getting your hair done, make sure to tell the stylist not to use heat on your extensions and hair. Even if it isn’t summer anymore, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful.

Avoid using a straightener or curling your hair using an curling iron. Remember, there are plenty of ways to style your extensions without using heat.

For blow-drying, set the temperature to a low heat. This will ensure that your roots aren’t exposed to direct heat.

Use the Right Products

Using shampoos and conditioners that are laden with harsh chemicals, silicones, and sulfates will lead to hair fall. These products also damage your extensions, making them dry and brittle.

We recommend going with Kevin Murphy products. Kevin Murphy has a range of nourishing oils, hydrating shampoos, and conditioners that are perfect for premium hair extensions. These products will not damage your hair either.

They’re free of sulfate and silicones, so you don’t have to worry about them damaging your roots or scalp either.

Remember that with great hair extensions comes great responsibility. Taking care of your extensions earlier on will help keep them maintained. Also, go for regular consultations. We recommend visiting Brenda every three months!

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