Running to and fro from work can be a little exhausting. Meeting deadlines, breaking the glass ceiling, and always trying to prove yourself can be hectic on its own. You don’t need a head full of hair getting in the way too!

Going through a day at work with utmost ease can only be achieved if your hair is in a trouble-free style. Now, we understand that trying out different hairstyles every morning can be a little troublesome, considering not everyone has the time for it. That is why we’ve put together some easy and simple to do hairstyles you can try for work. The best part about these hairstyles? They’re so easy you could do them on the go!

High Messy Bun

Everyone has a different role to play at work; some of us need to appear bossy and strict, while others need to be approachable and friendly. If you’re someone who does a mix of both, then try putting your hair in a messy high bun.

All you need is a hair tie and a few bobby pins – you can pull your hair up in a messy ponytail over your crown and then twist it to form a bun. With this easy hairstyle, you’re going to give a professional yet approachable look all day long.

Half Up Braided Bun

Woman wearing a pink t-shirt with a half-up bun hairdo.

Many people get hair extension services in place, to be able to achieve the perfect work hairdo. If you’ve got long hair naturally, then we’ve got the perfect hair do for you. Pull the top half of your hair up in a ponytail formation, then braid it, twist the braid around the crown area to form a bun and pin it in place.

Loosen a few strands around your temples to add a little framing to your face, and you’re good to go!

Let it Down

Someday, it’s better to make uncomplicated choices. Instead of getting into tying your hair up, let your hair relax and wear them down. Long hair just let down looks extremely attractive. To give it a more put-together look, you can always add a few curls at the ends of your hair or straighten them out altogether.

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