Proteins have great nutritional value; they are complex molecules made up of chains of amino acids that are a critical component of a balanced diet. The human hair consists of keratin protein, water, lipids, minerals, and trace components, including RNA, DNA, melanin, and carbohydrates.

Why Does The Hair Require Protein Treatment?

With over 300 proteins identified within the hair structure, how in the world did we develop the idea to incorporate more via protein, keratin, or Brazilian treatments? It’s known as the feast analogy — the hair cells are living organisms found in the hair roots, which are further attached to the skin’s sebaceous glands. The living cells underneath the skin’s surface are fed by peptides, lipids, blood, and oxygen. However, as the hair grows farther from the scalp, this feast tends to diminish, leaving bare minimum crumbs of nourishment for the hair down the shaft, especially towards the ends. The loss of moisture and nourishment causes the bonds to weaken and eventually dismantle, crack and split. A protein treatment is an adequate solution that boosts, supports, and rebuilds the protein matrix.

Protein treatments are widely known for their ability to smooth and straighten previously damaged hair. It’s a restorative treatment that is primarily considered safe for all hair types. However, it isn’t necessary for shiny, strong, thick, and healthy hair.

Benefits of Protein Treatment

The protein treatment enables the strengthener ingredient to get attached to the hair follicle, so the cuticle layer is hardened, protecting it from potential damage. Common ingredients used in the treatment include silk amino acids and hydrolyzed wheat protein. Following are the benefits of lathering on additional protein:

Strengthening Hair Follicle

As stated earlier, protein is the building block of each hair strand; further, adding protein to replace what has been damaged or lost at the follicle helps strengthen the length of the hair in its entirety.

Enhances Hair Elasticity

Protein treatments improve hair elasticity by boosting the protein matrix at the hair follicle level, strengthening bonds that might otherwise be prone to splitting or breaking.

Averts Transepidermal Water Loss

Because the addition of protein seals and restores the cuticle, it can also prevent transepidermal water loss to lock in nourishment for longer. It further prevents brittle hair because stronger hair breaks lesser!

Boosts Hair Appearance

The increased strength, elasticity, and nourishment eventually lessen the frequency of breakage and split ends to help the hair reach its optimal diameter with a more appealing outlook.

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