Saweetie is the queen of bold looks and hair extensions. This new year she debuted yet another bold look by shaving all her hair off for a platinum blonde buzz cut.

The “Icy Girl” musician has a flair for the dramatic, and we’re taking a trip down memory lane to commemorate some of her most iconic looks.

The Fiery Red

Probably our favorite of all her looks, the fiery red set our hearts ablaze. She has shown a versatility in the hair department we deeply appreciate.

She showed it once again with bright red hair that went past her waist. It was bright with a capital B, and she styled it in various ways. Her hair was slicked, looped, and swooped to perfection.

The Platinum Blonde

Before there was a redhead, there was a blonde. A beautiful blonde at that. Her platinum blonde was very reminiscent of her single “Icy Girl”. It quickly became her signature look, and we can see why.

girl in white dress

Big Hair, Don’t Care

Saweetie’s buzz cut and her take on colors have the internet talking. But before there was the buzz cut or the fiery red, she was sporting gorgeous black hair too.

She’s a beauty and isn’t afraid to take risks, so she’s been changing her looks faster than it takes us to blink. NGL, we kind of miss it.

girl wearing glasses

She’s Not Afraid to Play with Color

Her buzz cut was very Amber-esque, and the internet was pretty much divided but loving it and hating. The one thing, however, everyone can agree on is the Saweetie has a way with colored hair.

The red and blonde aside, she’s showed off some bold colors and done it with the flair that’s very her. Here recent bubblegum pink look reminds us of the vibrant cotton candy you get at county fairs (in the best way possible!).

girl posing on stairs

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