Have you fawned over Kate Middleton’s gorgeous royal hair and wondered how the Duchess manages to look flawless in every picture? Well, even without the royal status, her hair looks brilliantly shiny and lusciously thick.

The two secret tricks to having a great hair day every day are volume and length. When you have those two under your belt, you can save a lot of time, money, and effort on styling.

Who can deny that good hair adds character to your personality? You can be naturally charismatic if you have long flowing tresses. Permanent hair extensions can make this beautiful dream come true and improve your physical profile. They look perfectly natural and help cover your bald spots, so you don’t have to drown in sadness over thinning hair.

Let’s look at some styling hacks with hair extensions.

Let It Down

Here’s the easiest styling tip that requires little to no work. If you’re investing in a salon service for hair extensions and pinning your hopes on it, why not let it down for everyone to see? You can put your hair insecurities at bay with hair extensions that boost volume in your thinning hair and add a few generous inches to the length. Your hair will look more flowy, attractive, and heavy; all you need for a quick glam-up!

Long Red Hair

Tie It High

For some women, a high ponytail is their unique style statement. It’s good to have a personal take on the style you associate with because it helps you stand apart in a crowd. But hair loss and short hair can turn this into a bleak possibility!

Shun your fears because you can flaunt the sexiest high ponytail with hair extensions. The original hair-loc system works expertly to conceal the extensions from view while giving your head a fuller look. You can go as high as you want, the extra-long extensions have room for that and more.

Braided Beauty

If you’ve always had a layered haircut, you’d know how untidy and unappealing braids would look. The shorter layers spring out of the weaves, and the braid keeps getting thinner as you go down. You don’t want your braid to look unkempt and frail.

With hair extensions, you can have thick long braids for the perfect game-night look. Weave your favorite styles in your hair, put on hoops, a pop of lip tint, and a cap to complete the sexy, casual look.

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