It’s no secret that these past years have come with their fair share of troubles, but they’ve also brought with them some unforgettable celebrity style moments.

The Space City has been home to countless celebrities who’ve brought us endless inspiration—whether it’s due to their undeniable talent or chic fashion choices.

Today, we’re looking at some of our favorite famous Houstonians and their iconic hairstyles:


Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Queen Bey is the ultimate international star. The iconic Houstonian is a triple-threat, displaying her talent in singing, dancing, and acting alike.

What inspires us most about the former Destiny’s Child songstress is how her style has evolved in the past 27 years. One thing we’ve always admired about Beyoncé is her long, luscious hair. She’s changed up her look over the years—going from naturally curly and textured hair to slicked-back perfection, and her iconic braided ponytail.

If there’s any star whose glossy two-toned bronde hair we love, it’s definitely Queen Bey!

Hilary Duff

There’s no denying that Hilary Duff was everyone’s favorite Disney star growing up. Apart from her hilarious alter-ego, Lizzie McGuire, Duff was quite the young fashionista herself. We can’t say she didn’t inspire us to wear tie-dyed shirts and bedazzle our hair with butterfly clips.

While the Houston singer and actress has since changed her style, she’s still just as iconic today as she was almost 20 years ago. The star has experimented with her hair quite often, showing off her feathered bangs, signature gorgeous blonde, and trendy lob.

Do you want to live out your childhood fantasy? Hilary Duff is the one to channel if you’re looking for effortlessly chic hair color.


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If there’s anyone who knows how to pull off any hairstyle and color, it’s Lizzo. The Houston-born singer sings about her “hair toss and for good reason, she has gorgeous curly hair we can’t help but envy!

Lizzo has rocked long curly purple hair, sleek updos, and her natural curls so beautifully that we’re inspired to change up our hairstyle too. So why don’t you embrace the “goddess in you” and channel the songstress’ voluminous hair?


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Jennifer Garner

This girl-next-door beauty is known for her adorable dimples and luscious hair almost as much as she’s appreciated for her talent. Jennifer Garner has always had gorgeous, healthy, and voluminous hair that has been the envy of many.

The actress doesn’t venture too far away from her classic warm, chestnut tones and lightly tousled waves and, honestly, it still works for her! The brunette beauty has shown us just how gorgeous and versatile rich brown hues can be and we’re ready to dive into her signature feathered bangs and layered brown hair this summer.

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