As if your routine wasn’t tough enough, now all these hair blogs are telling you to incorporate a hair mask into your haircare regimen. It’s all a little overwhelming, and we totally understand.

But here’s the good news: you don’t need extra hours in the day to show your head some love. Here’s how you can sneak a hair mask into a tough routine.

Turn Post Work-Outs Into Mask-Outs

Take out a few minutes after your work-out sessions—10, tops! And quickly slather on a hair mask.

The higher body temperature at the time will actually help activate the mask’s nourishing ingredients; for example, argon oil, olive oil and honey.

Let it sit for five to ten minutes, and rinse it out.

The Brunch-Head: Feed Your Hair While You Feed Your Body

Who says your hair has to hang around hungry while you enjoy a good brunch with your friends?

Next time you’re out for a casual brunch, weave a hair mask into your strands and let it sit while you devour a tempting Eggs Benedict.

After you’ve paid the check and get back home, pop into the shower and wash the mask out.

hair mask

Make Your Hair Thank You For Running Errands

There’s no rule that says you can’t show your hair some extra love while you’re running a quick errand.

Before you bolt out to buy some more milk for breakfast, quickly run your favorite hair mask through your hair from root to tip, and wash it out when you come back.

Make Good Use Of The Sun And Your Time Outside

Heat from the sun helps hair masks seep into the hair shaft and nourishes hair from within, making it look and feel healthier.

So on your next beach trip, make sure you grab your hair mask container and apply it while you sunbathe.

While hair masks work wonders for improving the look, quality, and health of your hair, they might take a while to show results.

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