When you’ve invested a bunch of money in getting quality hair extensions, you expect them to last you quite some time. The last thing you’d want is for the hair extensions to become tangled and matted, making your hair look like a rat’s nest!

Luckily for you, there are a few, easy tips and tricks to prevent that from ever happening. Not only will these tips help you get the most out of your hair extensions, they’re super easy and require minimal effort!

The First Step: Choose Quality, Not Price

Hair extensions made out of synthetic fibers are more likely to become a victim to matting. During the manufacturing process, the fibers are processed many times, giving you only a few chances to wear them before they start getting damaged. Those living in extreme weathers may even notice a faster deterioration process!

HEH’s high-quality, premium hair extensions are made from 100% natural, human hair. This makes them easier to style, maintain and even dye! Our cosmetologists—from choosing the right texture and color for your extensions to the installation process—guide you on the correct way of maintaining the life of your extensions at every salon visit.

The Second Step: Brush, Brush and Brush

Second only to using low-quality extensions, the most common reason of hair matting is improper brushing! Many clients are habitual of brushing their hair while it is wet, or brushing from the top down. Both of these are extremely harmful for your hair extensions!

Brushing hair extensions—or your natural hair—while it is wet not only makes them prone to breakage but may even cause the copper tube on your loc system extensions to slip out!

Instead, work your way through the tangles in your hair extensions—don’t worry, they’re normal—by starting from the bottom and gradually working your way up. Use our gentle Diana Large Fluff Comb or HEH brush for best results!

The Third Step: Using The Right Hair Products

If your cosmetologist suggests some hair products to maintain the longevity of your hair extensions, listen to them! We are hair extension experts and have been in the business for years. Not every hair product is right for every hair type, and using the wrong products could irreversibly damage your extensions!

The Final Step: NEVER Sleep with Wet, Open Hair

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Right after a shower is when your hair and extensions are at their weakest. Subjecting them to the friction resulting from rough pillowcases is a surefire way of waking up with matted, frizzy hair!

No matter how tired you are after your shower, take a little time out to thoroughly dry your hair, slipping it into a silk bandana or satin scrunchie to prevent tangles. Additionally, invest in a silk or satin pillowcase to further minimize the effects of friction.

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