Winter’s finally here! Get ready for holiday cheer, cozy nights by the fireplace, and dry hair. Winter air is harsh on all hair textures and types, and just like skin, it needs proper protection from the elements to remain healthy and soft. From arctic air, static electricity, dry indoor heating, and whipping winds, your hair goes through a lot in these few months.

Here’s how you can change up your winter hair care routine:

Wear a hat

It might seem like an obvious thing for people who live in cold climates, but apart from providing warmth, hats can shield your hair from moisture-robbing air, snow, and rain. Don’t worry about hat hair; focus on how healthy it will be at the end of the day. Dry hair can make your hair prone to breakage, but so can wool and cotton. Line your hat with satin or silk to prevent any damage, and use dry oil sprays to prevent static.

Invest in a humidifier

Indoor heating may be a blessing, but it causes the air inside your home to become extremely dry and irritating for your skin and scalp. This leeches the moisture from your hair, leaving it looking limp and unhealthy. A humidifier can keep the air hydrated inside, helping your hair maintain its hydration as well.

Don’t take burning hot showers

It’s tempting to turn your water temperature up all the way on those cold winter mornings in the shower, but hot water zaps moisture from hair and skin, making your hair more brittle and vulnerable to breakage. Use lukewarm water to wash your hair, ending your shower with a final rinse of cool water.

Use oil treatments

Oils can provide your hair with some much-needed moisture and nutrients. You can use lightweight leave-in formulas for instant revitalization. Apply a few droplets of hairstylist approved Loma oil to the ends of your hair after washing it to keep it protected and moisturized.

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