Ariana Grande has been serving looks ever since the beginning of her career when she was just a baby practically in 2008 on Broadway. Her hair has been a signature hallmark of all her transformations in her career.

Each style has been an indication of her role at the time, and when her singing career took off in 2012 she completely changed everything about her hair, from the color to how she styles it.

Currently, she’s opted to abandon the traditionally long pony tail we associate with her. The curls and the voluminous pony tails, both traditional full hair up and the half up, half down look are no more. Is her newest look, the lighter lob an indication of another big change in her life? Perhaps, let’s take a trip down memory lane to pick out her best look yet.

Natural, black and spiral curly

Her wild voluminous hair complemented her role in the Broadway musical 13 as a young, preppy, cheerleader type personality. She exhibited the most natural and bare faced look, given that she was also young at the time.

Cherry red and silky straight

She started filming for Victorious on Nickelodeon with Victoria Justice shortly after in 2009. For her upbeat and spunky character Cat on the show, who loved red velvet cake, she dyed her hair a flaming cherry red and that became her look for the rest of her time on the show.

One shade darker and low pony tail

She kept the bold and bright take on her hair but decided to deepen the tone to a sultry garnet. She wore her hair in a low pony tail then, maybe that’s when she developed a fascination for ponytails?

Auburn curls

By the end of 2012, Ariana really started to come into her own, and she started growing comfortable with the length of her hair really long. She attended the red carpet with softer curls and off-center parts.

Blonde and beautiful

Blonde and beautiful

By 2014, the triple threat diva had newly adopted lighter hair. She made a debut with her then to be signature look of half up half down with plenty of volume and loose flowing curls at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards.

Sky high Ponytail

Sky high Ponytail

Finally in 2015 she adorned her super high ponytail at the 57th Grammy Awards. What we love about the look is the subtleties in its design. The simple wrap around her pony tail with a strand of her hair makes everything about this look edgy and still reminds us of the Ariana we know and love.


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