Just five more minutes. That’s what we tell ourselves every morning before we realize it’s too late and we’d be lucky to put on our clothes the right way around before getting to work.

Skipping the morning shower can be a good thing for your hair, given all those chemicals in mainstream shampoos. We recommend using only the most natural products on your hair.

But a third or fourth day of unwashed hair can leave you feeling nervous about how to style your hair. Unwashed hair can be a big mess if not handled correctly and with little to no time on your hands, you’re usually scrambling for a hair band to tie it all up into a big knot. But there are a few ways around it.

What if we told you we’ve got 10-second hairstyles that are going to slash your morning routine time to a half? Just keep reading and you’ll find out!

The Half Knot

Feeling lazy in the morning? Pack the top of your bed head into a knot at the top and brush the remainder hair down. It’s a quick way to look chic and presentable in seconds!

Simple Braid


Thinking of hiding those unwashed locks? Tie them into a braid! You don’t have to go for a super complicated fishtail for this. A classic braid with some bobby pins on the side can keep your hair in place for the entire day.

Braided Bun

If you’re heading to work or school where it’s tough to roll around with fancy hairstyles, you can always add life to that standard bun. Make a braid overnight if you like and just roll that up with some bobby pins and you’re good to go!

The Head Wrap

The good thing about keeping your head covered is that you can easily ward off a bad hair day. But caps and hats may not always work in every setting. Wrap up your favorite scarf around your hair for a Bohemian chic look.


Tousled Pony Tail

Ponytails are a classic and are perhaps the easiest hairstyle to do. To help disguise your unwashed hair, you can always pull on some strands on the top of your hair to loosen up the hair, making it look more airy instead of looking matted or dry.

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