While 2020 started off on a great note, there’s one thing we all wish we could supercharge this year: our ability to save time and energy.

No, we’re not subtly trying to promote eco-friendliness (although that would be great too). We’re hinting toward our inability to deal with the toxicity (hint: misogyny) around us that continues to exhaust our mental and emotional energy.

If you’re just as tired as we are and can’t be bothered spending too much time on your hair, we’ve got you covered with five quick and easy hacks that will help transform your morning routine.

Read on!

1. Short on Time? Curl Your Hair in Five Minutes or Less!

Too busy fighting for equal rights to spend two hours on your hair each day? Get beautiful curls in a fraction of the time!

Put your hair in a ponytail and quickly run your curling iron through its thick strands. You’ll achieve perfect curls while the hair near your roots will remain wavy for an effortless look.

Take a few seconds in advance to run a nourishing thermal protectant through your locks for hydrated and damage-free hair that will thank you in the long run!

2. Ditch the Chemicals Easily

Is your vanity still decked with toxic hair products? It’s time to ditch the sulfates and parabens without wasting hours browsing through ingredient lists.

We’ve simplified things by breaking it down to four ingredients that are easy to remember. Take a screenshot of the ingredients and ensure that your products are free of each toxin.

Not only will you save a ton of time, but your hair will also feel healthier, thicker, and revitalized in the long run.

3. Extensions? YES!

New Year, New Me1!

While you may think extensions are high-maintenance, the reality is quite different.

From Selena Gomez to Kylie Jenner, A-listers have been relying on these luscious locks for added length, volume, and density for years now.

Extensions will actually help you save a ton of time in the morning as you won’t have to style them.

These stunning locks will let you walk out the door after as little as a 30-second brushing session!

4. Transform Your Locks By Upgrading Your Brush Game

One of the best hacks for healthier locks that won’t require much maintenance is investing in a gentle yet sturdy brush with sealed bristles.

Conventional brushes have harsh bristles that wreak havoc on your hair and follicles, thereby stunting growth and thickness. This could result in weak, brittle, and lifeless hair that requires a lot of styling and care in the long run.

To avoid the mess, invest in a high-quality brush that will untangle your locks without causing splitting or breakage. It will also gently stimulate your scalp to promote hair circulation and improve hair growth and shine.

5. Get Rid of Flyaways Forever!New Year, New Me2

Tired of pesky flyaways that keep ruining your hairstyle? Grab a toothbrush and gently scrape it along the surface of your trusty Vaseline bottle. Run the brush over your flyaways to secure them in place.

Not only will you achieve a seamless look, but the Vaseline will also gently nourish your tendrils, resulting in thicker hair that stays intact.


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