Even if you don’t believe in astrology and horoscopes, you have to admit that the birthstone hair color trend looks pretty cool.

You’ve always enjoyed experimenting with your hair and can’t wait to try out this new trend. Your friends have been raving about it for months, so, you’re curious how it would look on you.

Here’s a quick guide on how to get started!

January, February, and March: Garnet, Amethyst, and Aquamarine

For those who are born in the first two months of the year, darker shades look better.

January marks one of the coldest months of year so naturally, garnet is the birthstone that goes well with those born in the cold, frosty month.

A bright orangish-red will do. You can go for a shade darker as well. We recommend playing around with the colors. Go with a lighter shade first and see if it works. If it doesn’t, go for a darker shade.

For February, go with amethyst. It’s a bright shade of purple but will look flawless with side-swept bangs and loose beach waves.

For March, we recommend a light shade of blue for aquamarine. March is the time when spring kicks in so it’s the perfect time to go with a light, airy style.

April, May, and June: Diamond, Emerald, and Pearl

Birthstone Hair Colors

April is the time when spring finally kicks in and is in full bloom. For this, we recommend going with a platinum blonde shade. This is because for those born in April, their birthstone is diamond.

For those born in May, we recommend going with a bright or dark shade of green, and loose curls. Their birthstone is emerald.

For June, since the birthstone is a pearl, we recommend going with an ash-gray shade, or an ashy-platinum. You can also go with a balayage or color melt to add some depth to the shade. This is the time of the year when summer arrives.

July, August, and September: Ruby, Peridot, and Sapphire

July is when summer is in full bloom so go with a bright red. For those born in July, your birthstone is a ruby. Go with a ruby red color and lots of hair accessories.

August is when the weather starts changing again and to celebrate this, we recommend going with a neon or bright green. Your birthstone is peridot so it will complement the look!

For those born in September, go with a light shade of blue. Your birthstone is sapphire and we recommend going with heavy bangs.

October, November, and December: Opal, Citrine, and Turquoise

This is when the seasons start changing again and it’s chilly. For those born in October, we recommend going with a light gray shade because your birthstone is opal.

For those born in November, go with a copper shade. Your birthstone is citrine. And lastly, for those born in December, go with blue because your birthstone is turquoise.

You can go with highlights and balayage as well to add more details to the shades.

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