Disclaimer: If you wear hair extensions, it’s best to consult a hairstylist at Hair Extensions of Houston before signing up for any hair treatments or using any hair care products.

Some of your actions may be taking a toll on your stands, especially the use of hot styling tools, hair coloring, or even tying your hair in tight ponytails all day long. The thing with damaged hair is that it doesn’t improve in a day’s time, but with consistent adjustments, you can surely make a difference.

Here are three signs of damaged hair and remedies for fixing your hair health:

1. Hair Loss and Thinning

We lose hair every day, but anything that goes beyond the natural amount is a severe warning sign! The loss of hair is likely to result from protein in the system or the scalp pores getting clogged. Shampoo and conditioner created for your hair type can remove build-up from the roots and deliver strength-building nutrients.

2. Split Ends

Do your ends dry the minute your step out of the shower? If you notice a thinning effect on your hair strands, it’s best to remove the damage by trimming your hair short. This way, your hair shall continue growing healthily.

3. Hair Breakage

Hair breakage results from a loss of elasticity that causes the hair to become rather fragile. To preserve the integrity of your hair, you must follow your haircare regimen religiously. This involves the use of deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners to provide that extra bit of hydration and protection.

A type of restorative hair mask that can be used to repair damaged hair

Don’t know if it’s safe for you to apply these remedies over your custom-blended hair extensions? Could there be a solution for your damaged hair at the salon? Find your answers by speaking to Brenda!

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