Let’s admit it, festival season is an exciting time. Starting around spring, running through the summer, and ending in fall, the year is packed with some of the must-see music festivals for party-goers and music lovers alike.

Festival fashion is all about making a statement with vibrant colors, bold patterns, and sparkling accessories that glimmer in the Indio sun. While your favorite festivals may have been pushed back to the end of the year, there’s no reason for you to miss out on rocking the boho-chic hairstyles on an everyday basis.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite boho-chic music festival hair:

Braids galore

There’s really nothing better than a big, messy braid. This bohemian style hairdo is a favorite for festival-goers, but you can totally adopt it for your everyday wear too!

The no-fuss hairstyle is trendy and practical, perfect for music festival-goers looking to step-up their hair game. Whether you opt for a simple French or Dutch braids or choose a more complex crown or fishtail braids, the relaxed hairdo is the ideal choice.

Want to know a pro-tip to get the perfect Instagram-worthy braids? Long voluminous hair is the secret. If you have shorter or thinner hair, opt for some hair extensions to add that extra oomph to your braids.

Music Festival Hair

Embellish away

Whether you’re inspired by the reigning Queen of Coachella—Vanessa Hudgens—or want to add some bedazzlement to your look, hair jewelry is a great choice. The trendy style has quickly taken over the world, with stars like Ariana Grande rocking shiny accessories in their updos all-year round.

Opt for a dainty floral crown or go all-out with unique chains, rings, and clips—there’s nothing such as too much bling at a music festival.

Vibrant hues

Festival fashion is practically synonymous with a rainbow of colors and bold patterns, so why shouldn’t your hair reflect that too? Whether you choose rich, bold colors or opt for more muted pastel hues, a pop of color will definitely make you stand out.

What makes vibrantly colored hair so popular today is just how wearable it’s become. You can opt for pastel highlights or ombre your favorite color to your hair and enjoy the hair color magic of music festivals at all times!

Take your hair game to the next level

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