So it’s the time of the year when you’ve decided to change your look. Maybe a new haircut or a hair color change? Whatever you choose, in order to pull off a style successfully, you’re going to have to be a little conscious of your face shape.

That’s because there are some hairstyles that look perfect on people when they match it according to their face shape. But before we get to their hairstyling bit, let’s help you figure out your exact face shape.

What is my face shape?

To find out what your face shape is, you’ll have to take a picture of yourself with your hair tied up properly. Move all the hair away from your face and try to trace the frame with your finger. Does it resemble an oval, heart, diamond, etc.? This may get confusing though, especially if you stare at your face for too long.

Another and probably more accurate way of determining your face shape is to measure it with a ruler. Focus on the width of your eyebrows, your cheekbones and jawline. Then measure the length of your entire face i.e., from the forehead to your chin. Once you’ve got these proportions written down you’ll be able to compare it with this face shape guide and find out the best match.

Now let’s get the hairstyling started.

Rectangle shape

Your face is longer than it is wide and that’s why you’re going to opt for hairstyles that have a bit more breadth to them. High ponytails are usually a no-go since they further elongate rectangular faces. However, with sleek side parts and side-swept bangs you can look like the stunner that you are!

Flattering Hairstyles 2

Oval shape

Consider yourself blessed our oval-shaped face friends because you can play around with a majority of hairstyles! With your well-balanced proportions you can opt for loose wavy hairstyles as well as sleek, short bobs. Just add a nice set of original hair-loc system extensions and you’ve got a head full of voluminous hair ready to go! For hair extension services you can give us a call at 832.717.3626.

Square shape

Square-faced beauties tend to have very angular jawlines. You can accentuate your sharp bone structure with sleek side parts or disguise the face shape by adding airy layers to your hair.

Round shape

The best part about having a round face shape is that you cans tyle it in thousands of ways and still look youthful and exuberant. You can choose to disguise your full cheeks by aiming for a sharp center part and leaving your hair open. A tousled hairstyle can also add length to the crown of your head, giving you a more elongated look.

Whatever style you choose, there’s nothing more flattering for your face than healthy hair. Drop by our Houston hair salon and get quality hair restoration services from our licensed cosmetologist Brenda McLeod. You can also book an appointment with us for hair extensions and hair color change!