Whether it’s Zendaya’s short curly bob or Kylie Jenner’s top-knot, when it comes to summer hairstyles, the options are endless. Celebrities from around the world are known for their intricate, yet sultry looks. Not only do they set the trends, they’re known for the unique looks they spot.

If you want to spice up your summers with unique and distinctive looks, here are a few makeup looks and hairstyles worth trying out:

1. Gradient Lips and Loose Curls

Gradient lips aren’t unheard of. In fact, they’re very popular in East Asian countries. Try this beautiful and unique look and complete it with some loose curls. You can go for the beachy waves too.

After taking a shower, when your hair is almost dry, divide it into four sections. Then braid all the sections and go to sleep. Untie your hair in the morning and voila, you’re done!

Go with a simple makeup look like the gradient lips or apply a nude lip gloss.

2. Bronze-Only Blush and High Ponytail

Let’s keep it simple and easy. Summer is all about experimenting. But it’s also about having fun with different styles. Spice it up with a natural, sultry look. Instead of using a rosy or peachy blush, go with a bronze blush. You can use an iridescent bronzer for a “I just got back from the beach” look.

Top it up with a high ponytail. If that’s too plain and boring, you can also go with Dutch braids!

3. Metallic Cream Shadows With a Messy Bun

Metallic Cream ShadowsLove bold and bright colors but too afraid to try them in case your makeup melts? This is a concern every woman has during summers. But we’ve got the solution for you! Use cream eyeshadows.

Using cream eyeshdows will allow your makeup to settle in once it starts melting. The result will be a gorgeous shade that’ll highlight the shape of your eyes.

Top it off with a messy bun. If you don’t like messy buns, you can also go with Dutch braids. Equipped with bright colors, it’ll give you a hip and unique look.

Try these looks for yourself and see how amazing you’ll look this summer! If you have a style you want to add, just drop a comment below and let us know!

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